Infinite Legos 7: Hal smoking in the basement

Hal retreats to the basement of Enfield Tennis Academy to smoke some pot 4


Infinite Legos 6: Hal and Mario discuss Himself’s funeral

Hal and Mario are up late one night talking about their father’s funeral.

photo 1

Infinite Legos 5: “Marathe & Steeply”

Like a Greek Chorus or Statler and Waldorf of The Muppet Show, Marathe and Steeply gaze out at the sunset of Tucson provide a running commentary of the action in Infinite Jest.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I know I skipped over some important scenes. I’ll go back to those.

Infinite Legos 4: “The Medical Attache and the ‘Entertainment'”

The Medical Attache comes home to unwind for the evening. Little does he know that the “Entertainment” will be the last thing he ever watches.


(This picture was included in my presentation at the ISU DFW Conference)

Infinite Legos 3: “Hal and the Conversation Specialist”

In a short vignette, James Incandenza poses as a “Conversation Specialist” to attempt to interview Hal and trick him into talking to his father. JOI is unsuccessful in his efforts.IMG_2210

Infinite Legos 2: “Ken Erdedy”

At the end of the first Ken Erdedy passage, the phone rings right as someone knocks at the door. He is frozen with panic, not wanting to answer one and have the other be the woman he is waiting for (this sculpture was part of my ‘Reimagining Wallace’ presentation at the DFW Conference hosted by ISU).



Infinite Legos 1: “I am in here”

After the wonderful conference at Illinois State University this past May, I decided to continue my DFW-inspired Lego creations and begin my “Infinite Legos” project, and attempt to Lego my way through Infinite Jest.

Here is my first set of sculptures: Hal in the UofA Admissions Office and Hal being taken away in an ambulance after his bizarre meltdown.

photo 4 photo 5


photo 2 photo 1


photo credits: Emma Blanck (my 10-year-old daughter).