And the winner is…

I am so excited to see the response to my earlier post, “An Occasion in which I Give Away My Extra Copy of ‘Conversations with David Foster Wallace.'” I loved reading all the quotes. Many brought back wonderful memories of reading Wallace’s stories and essays and interviews. Others I had never read before, and I can’t wait to read them in context. I know it’s cliche, but it was very difficult to pick a winner.

But alas, a winner must be chosen. The winner of the first Letters to DFW give-away is:


The winning quote is:

“There on the table, neither frozen nor yet moving, Lane Dean, Jr., sees all this, and is moved with pity, and also with something more, something without any name he knows, that is given to him in the form of a question that never once in all the long week’s thinking and division had even so much as occurred – why is he so sure he doesn’t love her? Why is one kind of love and different? What if he has no earthly idea what love is?”

Congratulations, Mike! I hope you enjoy the book.


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