Announcing the Infinite Atlas Project

Blogger Here. My friend William Beutler has expanded his Infinite Boston project into an incredible resource for any fan of Wallace’s writing. Here he is to tell you more about it:

As a few of you know well, and some of you may remember from earlier this summer, I’ve been working on a big project related to Infinite Jest. In July I started writing Infinite Boston (, a Tumblr blog exploring the real-life Boston-area locations from the novel.
Today I’ve expanded the scope considerably: The Infinite Atlas Project is what I’m calling it overall, but I’ll keep this short and let you click away if you think you’re interested:
Infinite Atlas is an online atlas / Google Maps mashup featuring 475 pinpointed locations out of about 650 from the novel that I found, with descriptions from the text, commentary, photos and the option for readers to upload more:
Infinite Map, a limited-edition poster based on the research, focusing on 250 of the most interesting locations; it includes 4 inset maps and 5 columns of (yes) footnotes. There is other original artwork for purchase, although I don’t mean to be too crassly commercial about it:
For background information, I’ve also written an introductory post on Infinite Boston here:
This represents a little over 2 years’ work—myself and others—and it’s not done quite yet. Infinite Boston has a few weeks left to go, and Infinite Atlas is designed to never quite be finished, but a resource for readers that may grow and develop over time, both through my continued efforts and contributions from others.

Thanks are due to Matt B. from this list, who was the first person to point out to me that Ennet House was a real place on the corner of Commonwealth and Warren Street. Also thanks to Maria B. for assistance as I went into the final stages this week, Greg C. for pointing out an incredible oversight on my “Antitoi Entertainment” entry, and to Daryl H., Pal D., Ryan B. and Jason K. and others for giving Infinite Boston some link love early on.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions, I’m only too happy to answer.



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