Interpolation: “Infinite Boston”

I first saw some chatter about this site on Wallace-l a few weeks ago, but in the busyness of my schedule, I didn’t have a chance to take a look despite my curiosity.  With a few spare moments as my kids watch Disney Channel sit-com reruns, I finally have the chance to check it out.

As I am a couple of months into my own “Infinite Summer,” reading IJ for the first time, I love what Bill Beutler has done here.  It’s a wonderful pictorial companion to many of the Boston-area locations described in the novel.  His written descriptions and analysis easily match the aesthetic beauty of the photos.

I am only about a third of the way through the behemoth novel, so I didn’t want to read Bill’s commentary too closely, but I will certainly visit the site to read more carefully once I’ve finished.  For now, I pass it on to you, my readers.  Enjoy this wonderful pictorial project.

Click Here to visit INFINITE BOSTON.


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