Guest Post – “Year of Glad”

Blogger Here.  Opening up my blog to guest posts has brought a wide variety of responses in a wide variety of artistic forms.  In this post, Emily Sobool brings us a musical Letter that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

“Writing fiction takes me out of time. I sit down and the clock will not exist for me for a few hours. That’s probably as close to immortal as we’ll ever get.”

–David Foster Wallace, from McSweeneys.

This is one of my favourite DFW quotes because I experience the same thing when I’m writing my music. It even goes further than that at times, where in addition to existing outside of time, I also disappear into the piece, forgetting myself entirely. It’s a magical thing to experience, and I think it’s similar to DFW’s idea that reading really good fiction can actually allow us to jump over this wall of self.

“Year of Glad” is my letter DFW. A tribute of sorts to a writer who’s been incredibly important to me for that last 15 years. The song contains a range of emotion, from the inevitable mourning of his passing, to an uplifting note of coming through the other side,  grateful for the work that was left behind to rediscover and delve deeper within.

Click Here to listen.

Emily Sobool, aka Mt. Alvernia, is a librarian in Vancouver, BC who also writes music when the time is right. Follow her on Twitter.


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