Write your own Letters to DFW

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Wallace’s writing touches each of us in unique ways, but what we have in common is how personally it touches us.  We each feel a deep personal connection to both the words on the page and the man behind those words.

I have spent almost two and a half years reading and responding to his stories and essays, and now I want to extend an invitation to my readers to join me in writing Letters to DFW.  I am opening up this blog for others to share their experiences and reflections on Wallace’s writing.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Personal / Reflective / Responsive essays about any of DFW’s works.  Academic and scholarly insight is great, but I also want those gut-level reactions to the text.  How does it move you?  What connections do you find to real-life events or other works of literature?
I’d also love reflections on the Symposium last weekend (still sad I missed it).
Essays should be in the 500- to 2000-word range.  Please send them as MS Word documents.  Footnotes are highly encouraged.
Email me at ryan.blanck@gmail.com if you’re interested in writing your own Letters to DFW.

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