There must be a 12-step program for this…

My wife has discovered her talents in the art of cake-making, producing wonderful and delectable cakes for my family members’ birthdays.  Last year for my birthday she made a “Letters to DFW” book, knowing of my aspirations of turning this blog into a book someday (a very slow-going process).  This year she created another DFW-themed cake, her rendition of the M.V. Nadir from his essay “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again.”  She even created footnotes, quoting actual footnotes from the essay.

It’s wonderful having a wife who is so supportive of this growing obsession.


Footnoted Text:

1. (Name of the Ship: M.V. Nadir) “No wag could possibly resist mentally rechristening the ship the M.V. Nadir the instant he saw the Zenith’s silly name.”

2. (Railing at the front of the ship):  “The railing I do most of my contemplative gazing from is on Deck 10, so the sea is way below, and the sounds of it slopping and heaving around are far-away and surflike, and visually it’s a little like looking down into a flushing toilet.  No fins in view.”

3. (Figure on the top of the ship): “Captain Nico.”

4. (Figure overlooking the pool at the back of the ship): “I have smelled what suntan lotion smells like over 21,000 pounds of hot flesh.”

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