Letters Update

My New Year’s Resolution (a.k.a. – writing project for the year) is to take this blog Gutenberg. In other words, to reverse the technological trend and go from digital media to print. I’m starting with the content already here and rewriting and revising it to ready it for publication in book form. Then I’ll expand into material not yet covered.
I started last week with my Letter in response to “The View from Mrs. Thompson’s,” probably one of my absolute favorite of DFW’s essays. I’m really happy with what I was able to do with my responsive Letter.
My goal is to write or rewrite one Letter / Chapter per week. That should hopefully mean a completed manuscript by the end of summer that is ready for publication around the holidays.
So while I won’t be posting a lot of new material here on the blog, I will be posting updates from time to time. I’m really excited about this new leg of the journey.

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