Letter 30: Brief Interviews – Interview #14

Dear Dave,

I’ve only read the first “Brief Interviews” chapter and all I can say is “VICTORY FOR THE FORCES OF DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM!!”

It seems that each interviewee is more despicable and… hideous than the last, but the first is certainly the most memorable.  Most memorable because he is by far the most pathetic.  Others are more loathsome and… hideous, but interviewee #14 invokes such pity.

Number 14 begins by saying “it’s[1] cost [him] every sexual relationship [he has] ever had.”  Obviously such outbursts would probably scare any girl away, but even those who aren’t scared off by the outburst itself are shoved away by Number 14 out of embarrassment turned into anger.  Those who do stick around despite Number 14’s humiliation are seen by him as condescending or merely pretending to be understanding and are quickly shown the door.

It’s a shame that he can’t see these outbursts for what the really are: a subconscious self-sabotage of any chance he might have at genuine intimacy with another human being.[2] Why he shouts, “VICTORY FOR THE FORCES OF DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM” as opposed to something else is of little importance.  Similarly, the reactions of the women who hear it don’t matter much either.  The truly important thing is his reaction to it.  And not just the obvious embarrassment, but how he responds to the women’s reactions.  He puts the women into a lose-lose situation.  Either they are shocked and quickly leave on their own, or they respond sympathetically and he drives them away for their presumably fake sympathy.

He never allows these women to be close to him.[3] The reasons are unknown and probably don’t matter.  Number 14 has serious insecurity issues that manifest themselves through these outbursts in bed.  The ironic thing[4] is that his declaration of VICTORY is the outward expression of his defeat.  He has never “won” in the game of love; he has never known true intimacy beyond the physical, and probably never will.  And yet, he proclaims VICTORY every time he comes close.

[1] Shouting the above-mentioned “Victory for the Forces of Democratic Freedom!” in the middle of intercourse.

[2] Less than twenty pages in and this can be called a “recurring” theme.  At twenty pages, most stories of similar length have barely finished introducing characters and are just moving on to the major conflict.  Here we already have a “recurring” theme.

[3] Sure there is physical closeness, but that in no way equates to genuine intimacy.

[4] Well, one ironic thing among many.  There is never just one ironic thing with your writing.


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