Interpolation 6: “There are no fat baton-twirlers.”

I finished reading and rereading Lipsky’s Although Of Course… at about the same time I finished the school year, so the Letters project has been neglected as of late as I have taken a few days to recuperate.  I have attempted to start Brief Interviews – the next on my reading list – but making the adjustment from school year to summer vacation has made it difficult to read with the kind of focus that I think the book will require.  I’ll give it another go on Monday.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a Letter about this video I came across on one of the DFW fan pages on Facebook.  It was the first video I had seen of David, so it was interesting to hear the voice I had only heard in print.  I also found his stage presence captivating.  He is an eloquent reader, yet seems nervous or apprehensive.  His polo and jeans look like they’ve seen better days.  It appears quite obvious there are a number of places he’d much rather be than on that stage, under those lights, behind that microphone.

But the passages he selected are some of my favorite portions of two of my favorite essays.  His description of the baton-twirling competition only got funnier hearing him read it aloud in a rather deadpan tone.  And the passage from “A Supposedly Fun Thing…” is probably my favorite of the entire 100-page essay.

There really is not much that needs to be said about these readings.  Just sit back and enjoy them for yourself.

“Another Random Bit: The Perspective of David Foster Wallace”


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