A Brief Hiatus

It seems that just when you’ve got that pitcher’s number and can knock his fastball into right center after every wind-up, he decides to through you an inside slider to back you off the plate.[1]  This last week has been a series of inside sliders.  Suffering[2] from a string of migraines, my life seemed to be put on hold for a week while the rest of the world moved on without me. 

That being the case, I have fallen behind in my DFW reading.  I loved every moment of “Little Expressionless Animals” and even outlined a second essay/Letter in response to it, which I have not had the chance to write.  Hopefully I’ll get a spare moment to do so this week.

But I was given Oliver Sacks’ book Migraine, which I have found to be a fascinating read.  Just reading the first chapter has broadened my understanding of this condition from which I suffer.  I am therefore going to take a short break[3] from DFW so that I can read this book and hopefully better cope with this often frustrating, and sometimes debilitating condition.

I’ll get that second LEA Letter written soon, then get back to the rest of Girl with Curious Hair in a week or so.

[1] Notice I didn’t use the cliché “throws you a curveball” metaphor.  Nor did I use the “make lemonade” metaphor.  I’m really hoping this “inside slider” catches on though.  It does have a nice alliterative ring to it.

[2] While these headaches are not always extremely painful, “suffering” is the best word I know of to describe the experience.  It is not merely physical pain, but often mental and emotional anguish when dealing with a migraine.

[3] But not a “Ross and Rachel” sort of break.  I’m not “breaking up” with his books, just taking a short break to read something else.

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