Next on the List

I am nearly finished with the last essay in Consider the Lobster, and I think I might be falling a bit behind on my target reading pace.  Oh well.  I have summer vacation to catch up, right?

Having spent the last six weeks reading DFW’s non-fiction, I have decided my next selection will come from his works of fiction.  I will be reading Girl with Curious Hair next.  It is a collection of short stories and one of his earlier works.  I chose this one for three basic reasons:

First, I wanted to venture into DFW’s fiction.  Aside from the forty or so pages of Infinite Jest I read in the doctor’s office waiting room several months ago, I have not read any of his fiction.  So I figured I was due.

Second, it is a short story collection.  In a world filled with essays to grade and lessons to plan, leisure reading is best done in small doses.

Third, Girl with Curious Hair was the only of his books on the library shelf on that Saturday morning.

So after I finish reading “Host,” I will venture into the imaginary worlds of DFW.


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