And so it begins…

I had hoped to write this post yesterday, but “the best laid schemes…”

Anyway, the new year has begun and the Letters to DFW Project is underway.  I am beginning my quest with his shortest, and perhaps my favorite, of his works, This Is Water.  While I do have an e-copy of it somewhere on my hard drive (I copied the text from an online source before the book was printed), I opted to read the official published version.  I went to the library earlier in the week, and I should be able to get through the book in about half an hour this evening.  My first letter to Mr. Wallace will be written and posted shortly after that.

DAY:  2





One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. What a cool idea Ryan! When I saw this movie in theaters last year, it definitely inspired me too. I’m working on a 365 photo project (one photo every day of the year) for this year, but I’ve already started thinking about what I’m going to do next year!

    I’ll definitely be following your journey this year. If you want to follow mine, my blog is

    Best of luck to you this year!

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