The Letters

I titled this blog “Letters to DFW” for a very simple reason: when I begin reading his body of work, I intend to respond to what I read in letter form.  I will write each entry as a letter to the “patron saint” of my blogging endeavors.  It’s one thing to read a novel or essay or short story and to write a book report on it.  But that is so third grade.  I’ve got a master’s degree in literature for crying out loud, surely I can do something a bit more inventive than that.

While part of my intent is to pay an homage to someone I believe to be one of the greatest writers of our generation, I also hope to learn from him.  He had such command of the language.  He had the rare gift of finding (or sometimes creating) exactly the right  word to say exactly what he meant.  As I work to hone my own craft as a writer, I am sure I can learn a thing or two from him, one of the greats.

So, I will enter this online classroom.  I will respond to what I have read, and even though I know no answer will come, I will ask him any questions that come to mind (like what’s up with all those footnotes?).

That is why I call this blog “Letters to DFW.”  Just wanted to clear that up from the get-go.


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